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Textile Filter Medias


By: Jose M. Sentmanat, Consultant

Under the broad term of “FILTER MEDIAS” we find “Synthetic Filter Medias” such as: woven filter cloths, woven and non-woven filter media and filter felts.  The  term “Synthetic” encompasses cloths made of polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, nylon as well as other special materials such as saran, polyamide, “Nomex”®, peek, fluoroplastic and other specially made materials for specific applications.  Originally the material used for filter media were silk, cotton and wool.  Due to the limitations on the usability of those materials synthetic materials have become more used in filtration applications.  While cotton and wool are still used as filter media, this article will cover synthetic filter media only.

The following chart is about filter cloth media:

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