PO3P3S – Size 3, 3 Micron Liquid Filter Bag

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  • Size 3
  • 3 Micron Rating
  • 100 Per Carton/Order
  • PO3P3S Filter Bag
  • Polyproplyene Felt
  • Standard bag comes with carbon steel ring and handle


Often referred to as sock filters, Great Lakes Filters has been manufacturing and supplying industry with our PO3P3S Flo-Rite bags for over 65 years. Our standard PO3P3S Polyproplyene Felt filter bags are still a mainstay in many industries. Our PO3P3S filter bags come in a variety of micron ratings and efficiencies. There universal applications include everything from industrial coatings and cutting fluids to pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. We offer all ring configurations and material styles to fit your housing. And a wide range of specialty materials to customise to you unique application parameters.

Additional information

Weight 0.36 lbs
Dimensions 0.3 × 0.24 × 0.24 in
Bag Size


Micron Rating

Bag Finish or Cover

Bag Dimensions

Bag/Ring Style

Carbon Steel Plated Ring

Flange/Ring Style

Carbon Steel Plated Ring, Drawstring, No Ring, Nylon Flange, Polyester Flange, Polypropylene Flange, Polypropylene Ring, Stainless Steel Ring

Filter Vessel Manufacturer

Standard, Eaton, FSI, Krystil Klear, Micron Technologies, Parker Filtration, Rosedale, Strainrite


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