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Airflow Systems Dust Collector Cartridges

Cost effective Airflow replacement filters for dust and other applications. Great Lakes Filters replaces OEM dust filter cartridges like Airflow and other top brands, providing an equivalent and affordable replacement option.

Replacement Airflow Systems dust filter cartridges are available for:

  • Dust Collectors DCH-1, DCH-2, DC-4, DC-6, DC-8, DC-12, DC-18
  • Mist Collectors MP4, MP8, MP14, MP30, MP60, MP120, Mist-Pac, 12000 VOM, 2400 VOM, Pro 1, Pro 2, Pro 3, Pro 4
  • Air Cleaners AirPod, F70R, F70C, F90, F91, F120, F122, F240, F360, F480, HC-4, T-140, TC-4, TH-280H, TH-280V, FM600, FM1000, Model 500, 1000D, 1500D
  • Portable Collectors PCH-1, PCH-2, Mini-Pac, Mini-Vac, PAC-91
  • Extraction Arms E-Z Arm, E-Z Arm II, E-Z Arm 2.5, Telescoping Collection Arm, Stainless Telescoping Collection Arm
  • Downdraft Tables DTH-800, DTH-1700, ALH-1, ALH-2, DT-3000, AL-6, Easy Bench, DT-23, DT-35
  • Dust Booths PowerBooth, Dust Control Booth, Panel Filter PowerBooth, Panel Filter Booth
  • Paint/Fume Booths
  • Fume Booth, Fume Booth 800, PaintBooth
  • High Vacuum V1, V2, V410

Don’t see your Airflow model number or part number? Call us, we can make it for you. Dust collector cartridges, like our replacements to Airflow dust collectors, are used in several applications like: food and beverage, powder and bulk, general industrial manufacturing applications where mist, dust, and other particulates need to be filtered effectively. Contact us today to replace your Airflow Systems Inc. filters.