Investment Continues for Needlepunch Nonwovens

Despite a slowdown during the early months of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, needlepunch investment has ticked up in the last 12-18 months. “The needlepunch market over the years has enjoyed a solid growth rate and reacts in a resilient way when disruptive economic changes like in a pandemic are happening,” says J.P. Dilo, CEO of machinery specialist DiloGroup. “The influence of the pandemic prevailed for about six months when investment in new machinery or upgrades were largely stopped. However, already six months later orders started to come in in a highly accelerated way and soon reached or even exceeded the degree of the time before the pandemic.” Of course, difficulties in the car industry caused a high impact to the branch of suppliers of needlepunched material, he adds. At the beginning of the pandemic, major automakers halted production of vehicles, as they feared spread of the infection and fewer consumers were shopping for cars. As a result

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