Endless Belt Filters for Coolant and Part Washers

Endless belt filters provide a more cost-effective and longer lasting alternative to coolant filter paper. Great Lakes Filters designs custom filter belts for vacuum, pressure, suction and gravity filter systems. We reverse engineer your existing endless filter coolant belt when it needs to be repaired and replaced. We can provide a variety of mesh fabrics to fit your required cleanliness of coolant/washing fluid. Contact us today for a consultation.

Endless Belt Filtration Product Information

  • Stable coarse support mesh laminated with fine filter mesh is more durable and lasts longer than paper.
  • The support mesh secures additional strength and lifetime
  • Top fabric  secures  a  precise  filtration  at  a  high throughput rate
  • Smooth surface provides optimal cleaning properties and performance
  • Wide range of mesh size available: 25-500 micron
  • Twill backing / Plain weave filtering layers help support longer life

Case Study


  • Application: Honing on straight oil
  • Replacement of viscose disposable filter paper
  • Improved fluid cleanliness through more efficient filtration (currently 30 mg/L)


  • Output dirt content improved to less than 4 mg/L
  • Less downtime, less manpower
  • Annual filter media cost per year reduced by approx. 65%
  • Longer tool life, sharpness, and precise machine cutting
  • Improved solids discharge


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Front of fabric where dirty fluid generates cake filtration.

Strong backing keeps shape while supporting fine weave for high efficiency.

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