Industrial Filtration

Great Lakes Filters has been manufacturing and supplying industry with our Flo-Rite bags for over 65 years. Our standard polyester felt filter bags are still a mainstay in many industries.

Great Lakes Filters offers replacement cartridges for all types of dust collector systems. These durable cartridges are made with various technical media to suit your unique process parameters.

Our NeuSorb Liquid Absorbent Pads are created from specialized materials, allowing them to be cleansed of liquid and particles, and recycled back into usable plastic resin. This resin can be used in numerous applications, including our own pickup recycling bins.

Filtration Services

Die Cutting

We specialize in die cutting filters and pads for many industries.  We have Cad-Driven systems that perform production work for the pharmaceutical, medical and automotive marketplaces.

Slitting & Rerolling

From resizing filter media rolls to creating wrapping for pipes, we offer our extensive textile line, slitting capabilities and just in time delivery programs to help our customers run lean.

Sonic Welding

Our sonic sewing capabilities offer unique Advantages for Nonwovens, Textiles and Filters. Sonic Welding eliminates fraying, unraveling with no needle holes, thread or adhesives.

Zero Landfill

You will be supplied the highest quality absorbents made in the USA. When the absorbents are spent, they are picked up by a licensed waste recycling environmental service company.