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Automotive Fabric & Textiles Supplier

Automotive ApplicationsAcme Mills is the largest supplier of industrial fabrics to the North American automotive industry today.  We have achieved this by providing a wide variety of fabrics, textiles and seating suspension systems since the inception of our company over 90 years ago.  We’re proud of that.  To maintain it – we want to work with you on your latest challenge for an auto fabric application that meets your performance criteria; contact us today to get started.

Our woven, non-woven and needle-punched fabrics are integral components for producing top quality light and heavy-duty vehicles economically.


  • Seating – surfaces, suspension systems
  • Headliners – scrim
  • Sun visors
  • Hood-liner – scrim
  • Carpet substrate
  • Trim panel appliques
  • Sound deadeners
  • Storage compartment textiles
  • Audio – speaker grilles
  • Safety – air bags, airbag drapes/skirts, energy absorption

Acme Mills together with our partner company Fairway Products is expert in enhancing automotive seating suspension using our patented Dymetrol® fabric to replace traditional suspension systems.  Dymetrol has been used in more than 18 million vehicles, where it provides an efficient support system for front and rear seats and seat-backs.

Due to its composite construction, which is the result of the combination of powerful elastomer mono-filaments and high quality textile threads, Dymetrol boasts a particularly impressive level of elasticity and an ability to regain its original shape reliably.

This enables the construction of innovative seat support systems with extensive ergonomic qualities which combine low wear characteristics with a broad scope of design opportunities. Dymetrol replaces multiple conventional upholstering materials at once, and as such, its application opens the door to considerable weight and cost reduction potentials.  It is also possible to dispense with foam entirely without having an impact on performance.

Dymetrol can either be fixed directly to the rear framework of the seat in order to provide elastic support, or it can be secured to an adjustable sub-construction.

Key advantages:

  • Weight savings due to likely reduction of foam
  • Space savings due to thin / sculpted design capability
  • Cost reductions due to reduced quantities of parts
  • Recyclable
  • Adaptation to automated installation process
  • Reduction of seat squeaks and rattles
  • Meets FMVSS-302 and CAL-117
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