• Industrial Filtration

    factoryIncluding: Test Discs, Flex and Dura Socks, Coolant Paper and Media, Dust Collectors, Filter Cartridges, Liquid Filter Bags & Housings, Industrial HVAC Filters, Intake and Compressed Air Filters, Filter Paper & Press Cloth, Non-Woven Filter Media.

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  • Recyclable Filtration

    recycleImagine an infinitely flexible filtration solution for your industrial applications. Look no further. Neubond, our new line of recyclable filtration products, will reduce or eliminate your footprint on the environment, and start your company on the path to being landfill-free.

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  • NeuSorb Absorbents

    trashOur NeuSorb Liquid Absorbent Pads are created from specialized materials, allowing them to be cleansed of liquid and particles, and recycled back into usable plastic resin. This resin can be used in numerous applications, including our own pickup recycling bins.

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